The solar energy industry is coming together in Istanbul on December 06 – 08 , 2016

"Solar Energy" conference in the Land of the Sun

The SOLARTR 2016 conference will be about solar energy, which is increasingly important in Turkey, and innovative technologies and applications for its widespread usage. It will take place in Istanbul on December 06-08, 2016.

This conference has been organized with the participation of the leading organizations in the solar energy industry. From university to industry, from public to contractors--all stakeholders will come together to evaluate the solar  industry and its development in all dimesions.

The international conference and exhibition SOLARTR 2016 will be about innovative technologies and applications in the widespread usage of solar energy, which is one of the main leverages in the development of low carbon economy. It will take place in Istanbul on December 06-08, 2016 with the cooperation of universities, industrial firms, governmental organizations and NGOs.

The international event is hosted by International Solar Energy Society Turkey Section (GUNDER) and its technology platform UFTP (Turkish Photovoltaic Technology Platform) in cooperation with several organizations including the Ege University Solar Energy Institute (EGE-GEE), GAP Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Center (GAP-YENEV), Turkish Solar Energy Society (GUNDER), Tubitak Marmara Research Center (TUBITAK-MAM), the General Directorate of Renewable Energy (YEGM), ISES, IEA SHC, IEA PVPS, ESTIF, Solarpower Europe, Global Solar Council. Leaders in Turkey's solar energy industry--from researchers to industry representatives, from public to contractors--all stakeholders will come together to evaluate solar energy and the development of the industry.

The solar energy industry will be discussed in all dimensions with a variety of perspectives.

The conference is planned to be organized every two years and will last for three days. Along with suggestions for the rapidly growing solar energy industry, road maps will be created that will help to ensure the elimination of threats as well as the removal of obstacles. Statutes and requirements, problem and solution suggestions as well as the national, regional and international demands of creating an integrated industry will be addressed.

At the conference a wide variety of issues will be discussed including the solar technologies (PV, thermal)  and the new trends, Measurement and characterization of PV materials and devices, PV power plants, Concentrated solar power (CSP, CPV), Operation, performance and reliability of solar energy systems, Solar thermal and solar electricity markets and their dynamics,  Solar energy in urban planning, Solar cooling and heating, Large scale solar systems, Solar heat integration in industrial processes, Building integrated solar, Solar renovation of buildings, Contribution of solar energy to achieve net zero energy buildings, Energy storage systems, Hybrid systems, Rating and certification procedures, New materials and new concepts, Regulations and opportunities for regional development, Climate change and solar energy, Emission trading, Innovative financing models for solar systems, R&D, P&D and future collaborations, Environmental health and safety.

B2B Meetings and Project Market Event will highly contribute in developing integrated cooperation between solar energy industry and academy representatives during SOLARTR 2016 Conference and Exhibition which is being organized biannually.

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