Message from ISES President, Dr. David Renné

As a Society we are at an important juncture in our long history, with rapid development and deployment of renewable energy occurring throughout much of the developed and developing world. This historical shift in how society obtains and uses its energy is the result of many factors, including the recognition of the economic value in using clean and indigenous renewable resources, the energy security these resources bring to society, and the significant human health and environmental benefits offered by a shift away from fossil fuels. With an effective web presence and communication strategy, ISES can and will be at the forefront in informing society on the benefits of these technologies, and advising policy makers and project developers alike with credible technical and scientific information on how global society can transform to a renewable energy future.

My goals as ISES President are based on our shared vision that ISES is a learned Society with a core membership of highly qualified technical specialists and related professionals, dedicated to educating and informing a much broader membership as well as the world community, in all aspects of renewable energy. These goals are to:

  • Secure ISES position as the lead international resource for informing all sectors of the international community in the rapid expansion of renewable energy;
  • Expand an international membership that is energized by the contributions ISES is making toward a renewable energy future; and
  • Develop a solid financial footing for growing the Society's influence and membership

To achieve these goals, during my term I will actively promote the following:

  • Enhance our technical credentials and credibility through strong support of our flagship Solar Energy Journal, the scientific content of our Congress, and key publications such as pocket reference books and articles in international magazines.
  • Maintain and establish Partnerships with major organizations such as IRENA, the UN, the IEA, multi-lateral banks, etc, both through the REN-Alliance and directly through ISES, by representing our technologies in key discussions on climate change, poverty alleviation, and energy security.
  • Develop targeted and effective communications to our membership, as well as our constituents and stakeholders through technical and review papers, whitepapers, position papers, newsletters, press releases, videos, and conference and journal publications.
  • Maintain active participation in key international events and high-profile conferences sponsored by governments, NGO's and the private sector, and especially our own Congress and Regional and Section Conferences. Most importantly I will work closely with our Sections to better align our goals and operations.
  • Establish Membership Benefits that will grow our Society significantly. The broader membership will strengthen the foundation of ISES, and serve to help reach out to the general public as honest brokers, providing credible and relevant information on how we can achieve 100% renewables in our future and for generations to come.
  • Strengthen the Financial Security of the Society through involvement with foundations, major donors, and grant-making organizations. 

I will share and guide the responsibility for implementing these activities with the leadership of the Society, including the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, the Headquarters staff, and key ISES members. It is my desire to build on my own knowledge, commitment, and international network of professionals and organizations to engage the reservoir of expertise, and within our membership to guide ISES into taking a global leadership role in transitioning the world to a renewable energy future.