ISES Regional Conferences

Regional Conferences promote the widespread application of solar energy technology. To steer development for all countries in a sustainable direction it is vital to strongly emphasize the application of solar energy within overall development strategies. Positive research results, successful marketing strategies and new, economically viable products are more likely to be quickly achieved and widely distributed in an environment where the exchange of information and experience is fully realised. ISES sees itself in this context as a focal point, providing a network within which different groups can exchange knowledge and obtain technical and scientific expertise.

EuroSun 2016

12.-14. October 2016

Palma de Mallorca

International Conference on Solar Energy for Buildings and Industry

ISES, AEDES and the University of the Balearic Islands are pleased to announce the 2016 edition of EuroSun, the ISES European solar energy congress.


  • Solar Architecture and Net Zero Energy Buildings
  • Solar Heat for Industrial Processes
  • Thermal Storage
  • Solar Thermal Systems: Domestic Hot Water, Space Heating and Cooling
  • Solar Assisted District Heating and Cooling and Large Scale Applications
  • Testing & Certification
  • Solar Thermal Collectors and Solar Loop Components
  • PV and PVT systems for buildings and industry
  • Solar Resource
  • Solar Education
  • Renewable Energy Strategies and Policies

The abstract submission application will open on January 2016, until April 2016. 

EuroSun 2014

16 - 19 September 2014

Aix-Les-Bains, France

Solar energy and solar buildings are fundamental pillars to achieving a transition to a renewable energy society. While Europe is 6 years from 2020 when the binding targets of the 3x20 will be evaluated, technologies under development today should be common place in this horizon.

To bring light to the latest developments, the scientific and organizing committees invited scientists, engineerings and policy makers to Aix les Bains, France to participate in EuroSun 2014, a European solar energy conference, organized jointly by ISES Europe and INES.

The conference proceedings are available in the ISES Conference Proceedings Database.

ISES Asia Pacific 2014 - Grand Renewable Energy Conference & Exhibition

27 July - 1 August 2014
Tokyo, Japan

The importance of the renewable energy technology has been growing significantly since the beginning of the 21st century and will continue throughout this century.

The Grand Renewable Energy 2014 (GRE2014) international conference, which follows the two conferences of RE2006 and RE 2010 was held in Japan. The Organizing Committee carried out extensive activities for the success of GRE2014 with our continuous slogan "Advanced Technology Paths to Global Sustainability". Many prominent experts and organizations concerned with renewable energy participated in the committee, in the fields of academia, industry, and government, not only in Japan but also from the various countries of the world.

Expectations have been growing worldwide for renewable energy technologies as a solution for energy and global environment issues; issues projected to become more evident and serious during the 21st century. According to some long-term projections, renewable energy may satisfy half of the worlds energy needs by 2050. This would put renewable energy on the same level of importance as conventional energy. Moreover, more aggressive forecasts predict that renewable energy might supply two-thirds of the worlds energy by 2100.

We, the specialists involved in the field of renewable energy technologies today, should accept this challenge and respond to these ambitious targets this century. Doing so will influence our direction and quality of life in the future. Knowing that renewable energy is a peaceful energy resource present everywhere on earth should inspire us to further its development and dissemination. At this important time in history, you are invited to contribute to the progress of renewable energy technologies. This conference was a joint event organized together with the International Solar Energy Society-Asia Pacific.

EuroSun 2012

18 - 21 September 2012
Opatija & Rejika, Croatia

The biennial ISES Europe Solar Conference, with the overarching theme “Solar Energy for a Brighter Future”, addressed solar energy as the most important and reliable energy source for our future. The conference brought together science, industry, academia and governments to discuss the latest cutting-edge technology advancements and business opportunities in the solar fields.  Rijeka and Opatija are neighboring cities in the unique location on the coast of Croatia, famous for its rich cultural heritage and technical history. 

5th ISES Latin American Regional Conference 2012 & IV Brazilian Solar Energy Congress (VI CBENS)

18 - 21 September 2012
Sao Paulo, Brazil

This joint event brought together researchers, professionals and students of all renewable energy sectors in the Latin American region, to learn about the development of the renewable energy technologies.