Completed Projects

Other Completed Projects

Over the year, ISES has completed a number of other projects related to a variety of issues impacting renewable energy uptake, policy, business development and other issues. Click here to learn more about these initatives. 

Solar Schools Forum

The project focused on environmental education in schools, in particular addressing the topics of Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE). The youth need to be educated about energy-related problems, and how they can change their own lifestyles to limit environmental damage caused by the daily use of energy. As the decision-makers of tomorrow we need to empower them to make the right choices. The SSF is aimed at improving knowledge about RE and EE among children and young people, using a fun approach and aimed at generating greater enthusiasm for clean energy.  Learn more about the Solar Schools Forum (SSF)

Promoting Renewable Energy in Africa

PREA was an international co-operation project between African and European Universities and the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) and aimed to promote the wider use of renewable energy technologies in the urban environment of Africa, in support of poverty reduction, improved living conditions and sustainable development. Click here to learn more about PREA. 

ISES Solar Academies

The ISES Solar Academies are practical training events for building designers, focusing on the integration of solar technologies in building design. Learn more about the Solar Academies here

Solar Food Processing and Conservation

Solar food processing and conservation harnesses the sun's energy to improve the quality and increased the range of food products and reduce environmental damage caused by using fossil fuels to produce food. This is not a new field, but it is also not very well-known. This project aimed to explore and develope the full potential of solar food processing and consevation applications and improve awareness on the possibilities in the area of solar food production. Learn more here