ISES Renewable Energy Pocket Reference Books

In 2005, ISES introduced the Pocket Reference book series as a new benefit to ISES members.

Solar Energy Pocket Reference

The Solar Energy Pocket Reference was published in 2005 as the first in a new series of book by ISES. It is a convenient pocket size book containing lots of useful information and data needed by solar energy professionals, researchers, designers, technicians and those generally interested in solar energy systems and applications. The pocket book is written by Prof. Yogi Goswami and Dr. Christopher L. Martin. To order your copy click here.

Wind Energy Pocket Reference

The Wind Energy Pocket Reference, released in 2008, contains useful information and data for wind energy developers, energy planning authorities, designers, technicians and those generally interested in wind power systems and their potential in energy supply systems. The pocket book contains data, equations and figures for global distribution of wind energy, wind turbine technologies, turbine energy efficiency, systems considerations, annual energy production under different local conditions, organizational schemes and economy of wind power. The information is gathered from published literature supplemented by personal information from experts in energy authorities, utilities, universities and other energy research institutions, and from the wind energy industry and different types of wind power producers. Written by Peter H. Jensen, Niels I. Meyer, Niels G. Mortensen and Flemming Øster. It can be ordered from the Bookshop here.

The Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference, released in 2009, is a handy resource for architects, engineers and students. Passive Solar Architecture is a highly integrated endeavour affecting the design professions of architecture, city and regional planning, structural, mechanical and civil engineers, landscape architects and product designers. As such passive solar design is equally part art, science and technology. This book will provide easy to use information on a wide range of topics relevant to the passive built environment; including thermal sources, microclimate, radiation, airflow relations, passive heating, cooling and ventilation, natural lighting and life cycle cost and design, just to name a few. Written by Ken Haggard, David Bainbridge, Rachel Aljilani. Sorry, this book is currently out of stock.