ISES Fellow

ISES introduced the Fellows in 2015 to be awarded on an annual basis. The aims of awarding the category of ISES Fellow are:

  • To recognize people who have given many years of distinguished service to ISES and have advanced the use of solar energy through research, education, communication and deployment
  • To provide inspiration and mentoring to Young ISES members
  • To provide a pool of experienced solar energy practitioners to ensure that their knowledge and expertise can benefit ISES in various ways.

The ISES Fellow status can be conferred at any time with presentation at a special Reception, Congress or other suitable event, and represents a lifetime award of the Society. 

2015 ISES Fellows

  • Dr. Wolfgang Palz (Belgium)
  • Prof. D. Yogi Yogi Goswami (USA)
  • Prof. Dieter Holm (South Africa)
  • Hon. Peter Rae (Australia)