Solar Energy Journal Best Paper Award

The award was initiated in 1981, at that time it was called the Löf/Duffie Best Paper Award, and since 2007 has been called the "Solar Energy Journal Best Paper Award". The award is presented to authors of papers considered to be outstanding contributions published in the ISES scientific journal, "Solar Energy". The award is presented to papers that demonstrate significant pioneering contributions to the solar energy literature, for innovative concepts or approaches, and whose quality and presentation have a lasting impact. The papers chosen for this award are selected by the the Editor-in-Chief, Subject Area Editors and Associate Editors of the Solar Energy Journal.  The award consists of a certificate and a small cash prize funded by Elsevier. 

Best Papers in 2014-2015

 In 2014-2015, the Best Paper Awards went to the following papers in these categories:

Thermal collectors
“High temperature and long-term stability of carbon nanotube nanofluids for direct absorption solar thermal collectors”
Hordy; Solar Energy, Volume 105, July 2014, Pages 82-90

“High performing extraction procedure for the one-diode model of a photovoltaic panel from experimental I-V curves by using reduced forms”
Laudani, Fulginei, Salvini; Vol. 103, May 2014, pp. 316-326

Solar Resource
“Characterizing Local High-Frequency Solar Variability and its Impact to Distribution Studies”
Lave, Reno, Broderick; Vol. 118, August 2015, pp. 327-337

“Fast computation of solar concentrating ratio in presence of opto-mechanical errors”
François Hénault, Volume 112, February 2015, pp 183-193

Solar Cooling
“Solar energy potential on roofs and facades in an urban landscape”
Redweik, Catita, Brito; Vol. 97, November 2013, pp. 332-341

The winners will be publicly recognized and presented with a Best Paper certificate at the upcoming ISES Solar World Congress 2015 (November, Daegu, Korea).

The Solar Energy Best Paper Awards are presented by ISES and the publisher Elsevier, which also sponsors a cash prize presented to the lead authors of each winning paper.  

Best Papers in 2013

 In 2013, the Best Paper Awards were presented for the following papers in these categories:

Solar Radiation and Solar Resource Assessment
"Deriving cloud velocity from an array of solar radiation measurements" by J.L. Bosch, Y. Zheng, J. Kleissl, Volume 87, January 2013, Pages 196-203.

"Dual waveguide patterned luminescent solar concentrators", by Peter T.M. Albers, Cees W.M. Bastiaansen, Michael G., Volume 95, September 2013, Pages 216-223.

Solar radiation and Solar Resource Assessment
"Intra-Hour DNI Forecasting Based on Cloud Tracing Image Analysis", by Ricardo Marquez, Carlos FM Coimbra, Volume 91, May 2013, Pages 327-336.

Collector Technology
"Novel black selective coating for tubular solar absorbers based on a sol-gel method". by Martin Joly, Yannik Antonetti, Martin Python, Marina Gonzalez, Thomas Gascou, Jean-Louis Scartezzini, Andreas Schüler, Volume 94, August 2013, Pages 233-239.

High Concentration/Solar Thermal Power
"Performance of compound parapolic concentrators with polygonal Aperture", by Thomas Cooper, Fabian Dähler, Gianluca Ambrosetti, Andrea Pedretti, Aldo Steinfeld, Volume 95, September 2013, Pages 308-318.

Solar Radiation and Resource Assessment
"Relationship between Sunshine Duration and Solar Radiation", by Harry Suehrcke, Ross S. Bowden, K.G.T. Hollands, Volume 92, June 2013, Pages 160-171.

The Solar Energy journal  also presented a special award to the paper with the most downloads from 2011-2013. The paper is:

"Solar Photovoltaic Electricity: Current Status And Future Prospects" by T.M. Razykov, C.S. Ferekides, D. Morel, E. Stefanakos, H.S. Ullal, H.M. Upadhyaya, Volume 85, Issue 8, August 2011, Pages 1580-1608.

The Solar Energy Best Paper Awards are presented by ISES and the publisher Elsevier, which also sponsors a cash prize presented to the lead authors of each winning paper.